On giving bad news

One of my strengths is not confrontation… of any sort…

One of my best friends is a doctor, and i love talking with him… well about everything but that started what 8 years ago?

but yeah, i used to compare my job to a teacher, now i think of it more like being a doctor… The people we deal with are dying, some in critical condition… and the job never ends… and no matter what you do, some will never be happy with you… and it can be easy to get cynical…  i think this is why i love watching scrubs so much.

A doctor has to give bad news a lot – i don’t think i could handle that part of the job, never mind the blood or all the stuff you have to be prepared for and all the things you have to learn… i’d hate giving bad news to people…

In college, one of my friends asked the question: “How do you be encouraging and tell someone they suck?”

And sometimes when we give bad news or we confront someone or we resolve conflict or try to help someone- they just get angry with us and more frustrated.

i guess in my job i have to tell people that without Christ they go to hell- and that is pretty bad news… but that’s not even what i’m talking about… i feel like there are a lot of things i have to say no to, or sometimes have to enforce… or times i should correct people and give feedback… like telling people to break up with their girlfriend or something…  but these things aren’t always that serious, and not that often…

How do you give someone bad news?

Speaking of bad news… there was the Mitchel report last week… i was curious to see who would be listed… but really, i hate the whole thing… the bad news wasn’t so much what he reported, it’s the whole report itself… i’m not surprised players used supplements, really, i think all of them have taken supplements of some sort… some worse than others i guess…
but i don’t know why people are being criticized for taking a supplement that was not against the rules when they took it… or even if a player tried it once…
and… i find it so ineteresting how Bonds and Clemmens are treated so differently, despite being so similar…

but good news, this movie was great…

and better news, this week we celebrate Jesus….


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