My hoodie

i love hoodies… they are the best item of clothing out there

sure, i like corduroys… ever since the song by pearl jam… it’s fun to hear the noise it makes… and of course jeans are even more comfortable and i wear ’em all the time

and i get more comments about wearing shorts than any other topic i write about- b/c shorts just feel good

and i collect hats… all kinds of strange and unique hats

but hoodies rule!

i love walking in a hoodie…and feeling like Donnie Darko… y’know it kinda makes me mysterious…

and the pouch.. no other shirt or coat has anything like that…

and plus i like chewing on the strings…

and last but not least, it keeps me warm

As in the words of Adam Sandler: “I love you sweatshirt… redhooded sweat shirt….”

(but any color will do)


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