The easy road

i think as a society we value effort more than effectivness. i know i feel that way most of the time.

For instance, we favor players like David Eckstein over a guy like A Rod, because Eckstein is gutty & gritty, short, small, while A Rod is a physical speciman with huge talent.

We don’t like talking about effective results all that much because it seems harsh or unfair… or maybe egotistical.

i ran into this a bit while bringing food to a party. Is what i brought less valuable because i bought it, and didn’t slave over it? Is it less valuable because it only took ten minutes to prepare and yours took an hour?

Someone made fudge and i was amazed, and she was like it’s so easy to make, it’s not that good. Really? the fact that it is easy to make affects the taste?

It’s not just food of course… Someone can boast about having spending a number of hours in a meeting, but what is more important is how effective the meeting is… Or you can say you shared with a hundred people, but what about the person who shared with one, who came to Christ?

Or one may boast about all the material they prepared in teaching, while another just followed the lesson plan- but doesn’t seem if you wind up teaching the same basic thing, it would be wiser to choose the one already made?

Someone may take a steap road, another may follow the path. What is the reward for choosing a more difficult way?

i think Christian can get confused because Jesus warned against taking an easy road, but i don’t think that means we have to make things more difficult for ourselves.

i may get more recognition and praise for my effort, but i will serve people (and myself) better by not killing myself and choosing an easier road


One thought on “The easy road

  1. yea dude why should we fuck ourselves over when there’s like so many easier ways.we all go through a rough hard road sometime in our lives though.
    I used to make umm weed laced brownies while I was at Purdue though. Yea man that definitely made things easier sometimes.
    Here’s the recipe if you wanna try.  Chop up like an 1/8 ounce of your bud then simmer in oil.  Don’t make the fire too hot. Heat for 5-10 until you see the bud brown or it starts to smoke. Than you just mix it with the brownie powder. Bake it with a timer.  Yea man just make sure you don’t burn the brownies.Use alcohol and weed in moderation though.  Too much and you’ll be crazy. like me

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