My first entry of 2008

Well it doesn’t feel like 08 really… but then again it didn’t feel weird to leave 2007 and start 08… it feels like new years was a while ago… or not at all… and Christmas? feels like ages ago…
i guess celebrating the new year isn’t the same when i don’t play “the game”

or maybe i just feel weird in general… not a good sign of 2008.
i have some hopes and dreams for this year i suppose, not too many resolutions, i just want to try to achieve some goals i had made earlier…
i haven’t had time to look back at 2007, but i’m sure it was a pretty good year

but to make this a good first post, let me just say Happy Birthday MOM!

i may feel old, but you’re older.

You’re certainly the best mom in the world, at least the best i’ve ever had. And you took care of not only me, but all my friends and the whole family. Friends loved coming over because you would have fun with us and feed us well.

i know you pray for me and you love me. Sometimes you are overprotective and sometimes you worry too much, but i know it’s because you care about us so much.
i used to make fun of you and how you would sing in the kitchen, but now i think of your love for the Lord and your unending faith in God & joy in the Lord.

i pray you have a great year mom!

ps. this movie  “The Namesake” made me realize what a bad son i am and how little i call home or love my family. The Dad in the movie is a dead ringer for my dad- seriously. It looks like they took pictures of my dad when he was 30 and put it in there… so many things in that movie, though definitly not all of it, reminded me of my family and what it’s like being me…


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