My why

A couple years ago i met with one of the frosh in the
burlodge for the first time… about 5-10 minutes he just starts laughing.. i’m
like “What?” Jon responded “Kelvin told me you’d ask a lot of questions.”

So, i guess i am notorious for this… and that’s ok to me. I
think questions are a good thing. I like being asked questions. I wish people
asked me more questions even- and this is not a hint, this is pure request… ask
me questions… often without them i don’t know what to say…

Today, i even decided that i may not have a catchphrase, but this may be the closest thing i got: “Why?” 

And so, i like to ask questions. And it didn’t take long
before the students here noticed that too.

They laugh, because after i ask them how they’re doing, i ask
them why they’re doing good. But fine is not an acceptable answer to me.

 I love the question “Why?”

Why ask why?  

because it brings clarity… it brings depth… it brings

“You’re not feeling good? why?”

“You feel close to God right now? Why?”

“You love this book/movie/song? Why?”


Tell me more, i want to know you. Tell me more i want to
understand this difficult concept. Tell me more, i want to understand what is
going on. Tell me more, i want to own this.


5 thoughts on “My why

  1. i ask lots of questions, too. i’ve learned to replace “why?” with “how so?” when i’m wanting to dig in deep with friends/people.and yes, i watched “the namesake”! i really like foreign films or films about other cultures. and whats more i really had been wanting to watch it since like march, when my roomie and i went to see “miss potter” at a more artsy movie theater and they showed a preview for “the namesake” and we both were really intrigued and wanted to watch it but before we could go see it, they stopped showing it. so we were at blockbuster a few weeks ago and there it was! it made me cry though.

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