My 2007

So after some processing here’s what i came up with to
summarize my 2007

2007 characterized by

  1. Student leadership & student ownership – more and more
  2. great things on campus, tons of growth both in numbers, faith and leadership
  3. wasted time(or wasting time).
  4. little time in the Word
  5. tons of computer problems
  6. developing friendships with Ken & Mark & Brent
  7. dwindling friendships with so many others
  8. getting fat
  9. cooking more and more
  10. being used somehow
  11. being perceptive with some things, and no clue with others
  12. movies

i guess there were some difficult and frustrating things in there… but they either were not a big deal or they got worked out and/or lead to better things…


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