My rare political blog

So i guess there was some vote the other day in Iowa…. and New Hampshire… Whatever…

I know absolutely nothing when it comes to politics. I love reading the sports page, and the comics rock… but that’s it.


But i guess i do have a couple political points of view.


I don’t like guns.


I suppose an argument could be made that if everyone had guns, then no one would ever use them. But i don’t buy that. Plus, i think so many deaths are accidental shootings or rampage killings because of a fleeting rage.

I am for gun-control.



And i think if i was in office, the first thing i would do would be ton increase spending on education. Education is always the biggest need. I think we need to create an environment where teachers are more respected, better equipped and top quality… which means paying teachers more as to get better teachers, and more teachers- so that teachers could have small classes and better specialization.


i think something should be done about health care, but i don’t know what.


Does this make me a democrat?  Who cares?


i’m still not sure if i’ll even vote… but i will vote American Gangster as a great movie…


3 thoughts on “My rare political blog

  1. I struggle sometimes in voting because the priorities for me are the different moral positions that candidates have. Yet, sometimes I’m not fans of their views on education or health care. So it’s frustrating if say, a candadate has great ideas for the education system (which will have a big impact on me because I’m getting my teaching degree), yet I can’t in good conscience back them because of their positions on abortion, marriage, etc.Right now there are a couple of candidates that I really like, and one in particular who I dislike so much that I will move out of the country if she wins. 🙂

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