The dating season

i have joked i get one date a year- and it usually winds up around this time… especially since i’ve come to East asia and have mid-year conference. It’s a bit of a joke, but there is some truth to it.

Some say i am a different person, but i always say i reflect the people i am around. And plus during vacation i don’t have responsibilities and pressures upon me, so i can be free… plus i like people…

Thailand of course is an ideal place to go on a date. People are happy in Thailand, it’s not real life. Plus, there is no pressure.

Girls are more likley to go out with a guy they barely know, than someone they have already discarded in their mind. And a guy is more likely to ask a girl out because there is less risk. If you’re rejected, there aren’t any real consequences.

People often talk about the horrors of long-distance relationships- but they happen so often- i think because a long-distance relationship is safer. A break-up doesn’t necessarily change your day-to-day life. And a rejection means nothing to your group of friends.

i think people further like the long-distance relationship because it gives another excuse for when the relationship gets difficult and they stop wanting to work on it.

And so we show up at a conference, and it feels like the perfect situation.


Though the big problem for me this year is i apparently am not allowed to talk to a girl or sit by her at a meeting or say “Hi” back- because any of those actions mean i want to marry her.

i really don’t understand people.

Now, if i’m sitting alone with her in a coffee shop, staring intently into her eyes, at  a table for two- different story. But, can’t a guy and a girl be friends? Can’t they have a civil conversation with each other?


3-4 more blogs coming on related subject…


7 thoughts on “The dating season

  1. ah, the age old “can guys and girls be friends?” question immortalized in film by “when harry met sally”… good luck ever getting a decisive answer on it! i say yes and no at the same time!and i think you absolutely should talk to girls and sit beside them and- horror of horrors- even talk to or smile at them!how else will you know which ones you want to have a date with? : )

  2. I think it’s ok to sit next to a girl in a meeting and talk to her. Although guys must understand that it doesn’t necessarily mean the girl wants to go out with you. I think sometimes guys forget that sometimes, we want to be friends and nothing more, too. And I also think all of the matchmakers out there (myself included) need to remember this and back the heck off people. I could share stories of ridiculous things people have assumed when they saw me at conferences. But I won’t, not on xanga.I look forward to commenting on your next 3-4 blogs.

  3. oh mookie, guys and girls can’t be friends. at best they can pretend to be “just friends” while one of them falls madly in love with the other. silly boy. also, you should totally ask someone out at midyear with no, repeat NO, intention of it being a long distance relationship. i mean really, they. never. work.ever.

  4. This really wasn’t a question of guys and girls being friends… actually the greater point is it is easier to go on a date when there is no previous relationship…
    the whole friendship thing was the ridiculousness of the people in my city when i talked to the girl next to me in line at registration and when i sat down next to a girl during the meeting- i didn’t even talk to her- they just saw me sitting next to someone at the end of the meeting…

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