The thing about perceptions

Over and over again at mid-year people said to me
“You’re a CD?”
or “I didn’t realize you were ICS”

i said i loved Thailand because i didn’t have to be a CD, i was just one of the guys.

And i told people not to tell others how old i was or that i was a CD. Why? Because people look at me differently and then treat me differently.

the other comment i heard was “Well, extroverts like us…”

It’s interesting how we perceive someone affects how we treat them, or how someone perceives us.

When people think of me as being a goofy guy, they think what i say is funny and want to have fun with me… but also they don’t engage in deep conversations as much.
When people see me as a mature, solid Christian, they may ask me some deeper questions, but don’t think of having fun with me.

i think we perceive married or dating people differently often too. But i have been able to become good friends with married guys.

This is another reason i don’t like being the safe guy- i stay the safe guy.

i think if we see someone as a Christian or a non-Christian affects how we act around them too.

We need to be careful about perceptions- because we can be dead wrong.
Some people may think i have it all together, but i don’t.
Some may think i’m an idiot, but i know some stuff.

Our perceptions lead to assumptions which lead to not treating people right.

sometimes are perceptions are on, if we know someone, but not always.

We may think we know someone really well, but not really know them at all.

We should aim to know and understand people, but not pigeon hole people.
We could really miss out!

Of course, how we percieve God will affect us too


One thought on “The thing about perceptions

  1. Those are good points. Something I find myself doing is I change myself depending on who I’m around and how I think they see me as. Like, if it’s a person that’s used to me being funny, that’s all I try to be around them, I won’t get personal or go deep. Or if I think they only see me as the shy quiet girl, then I stay that way around them.Or like on xanga, where I’m only supposed to talk about poop and tv shows. Or my entries are only supposed to be “light and funny”. I’ve actually had people say they prefer those over the times when I try to share something personal. Apparently I’m just supposed to write for entertainment.And since I’m a people-pleaser, I do what I think is going to please the people. Gotta keep the xanga stalkers happy.

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