The one with the quote

i said that it was encouraging to hear people say “you’re a cd?”
but the quote that was most encouraging:
“mookie shu shu, i like you a lot” by Conner McClure, 3 year old

He jsut said it. Nothing that made him say it. In fact, i haven’t even spent that much time with him, so i ahve no idea why he would say that.

But he did. And as a result, i wouldn’t mind spending time with him.

You see, with most kids, i’m a lil scared to spend time with them- because i don’t know what to do. You tickle some kids they love you, but others will hate you. How do i get a kid to like me.

But when Conner or Caleb say they like me already- well, i want to spend time with them.

The quote itself wasn’t so great, but what it taught me about the Lord that really mattered.

See, this is how God sees me. He likes me. He already likes me. i don’t have to do anything to earn his favor. He likes me. He enjoys me, and He wants to be with me.

It wasn’t because i was fun or interesting that Conner liked me- he just liked me.
And God tells us He doesn’t choose us because we are great or better than others that He chooses us- He just does. He loves me and likes me and enjoys me and wants to be with me.

And thus, i want to be with Him too. i can just rest in Him and enjoy Him.

i guess this is hard to see, because most people don’t treat us this way. We have to measure up to something. We have to be funny enough. Or smart. Or capable in some way. Or have lots of stuff. We have to be able to offer something for someone to like us.
i wish we were more like kids- they just like each other, and people too.

God doesn’t make me perform for Him. He doesn’t look down on me or give up on me when i mess up. He loves me, accepts me and lets me continue in my relationship with Him.

i want to see God like that, and let my relationship flow from there.
And i want to treat people that way too.


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