The things i’ve seen

Well, we’ve been getting LOST. It has been good, but i’m not wowed like everyone else has been. It’s not surprising me like it used to. I still think it will end the way season 3 ended. We’ll see


We also watched JJ Abrams movie Cloverfield. Half of our group walked out because they were getting motion sickness… but i was ok. I thought the movie was decent… until i went online and looked stuff up, and found out about the myspace pages and all the things i missed. Now i think the movie was AWESOME! And i kinda want to see it again!


The most awesome thing i did see recently was the Super Bowl. It was so much fun watching with Todd and Scott at 6 in the morning.We weren’t even really rooting for anyone. We just wanted a good game… i originally kinda wanted to see history, but as the game progressed, we were rooting for the Giants.

When Eli blew an easy pass (which he did a lot of- he is not a good QB). I jumped out of my seat. When the Patriots came back and took the lead, we weren’t surprised and applauding them.

But when the miracle play happened and Eli avoided the sack and Tyree made the most incredible play in the world, we were going crazy, hopping around and high-fiving each other!

I mean if Brady connects with Moss on that last play and the Patriots win, it is still a great game…. But the fact that this may have been the biggest upset in Superbowl history, had to make it one of the top 5 superbowls EVER! Best game ever, seriously.

I don’t know, maybe it was because i hadn’t seen a game in forever… or because we were having fun making fun of how bad and stupid the announcers were, but it was so much fun!


Though, ok, the most awesome thing i may have seen was to find out Purdue was in first in the big 10 – how did that happen?! Wow. When i woke up that morning, i was kinda depressed, then i saw that news, and i was SO happy! Go Boilers!


Besides watching real football, the KM kids got me hooked onto Friday nigh lights the tv show. I heard the sports guy talk about it, but then i watched it with those folks- it was a blast!

Actually, i don’t know if the show was any good or not, but watching with them was amazing!



2 thoughts on “The things i’ve seen

  1. I’ve been listening to the lost podcasts, I know i’m a dork but hey, sometimes I have lots of downtime to fill or at least something to listen to while playing with Zoe. Anyway, it seems like the producers/writers whatever are pretty convincing that there will be a definite end. Not all the questions raised during the show will be answered but most of them.
    Anyway, if you come to our city that last week in April will you bring Cloverfield. I want to see it so much but I can’t find anyone who feels the same way. And I love watching movies with people.

  2. aside from the colts winning the superbowl last year, this year’s super bowl was the best!! it was so exciting! that play you talked about when eli avoided getting sacked? i jumped on the couch when i saw it! LOL!
    i feel like i would definitely get sick if i watched cloverfield, which kinda bums me out because i’ve heard it’s good! and about LOST- unbelieveable!!! i think after every episode i just end up with my jaw dropped and my mouth open, saying “WHAT?” but i definitely miss watching with you guys!!

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