My catchphrase or my thing

I’ve always wanted a thing or a saying. You know, like when people imitate people- no one can ever do anything for me… or maybe people just don’t know me that well…

I have a distinct laugh i guess and a distinct walk…

I tried coming up with phrases like “Brotherman” i did have the quote “Smooth, like David Lesmond…”  and i tried “Sweetums” for a while

I’m sure there were others.

Will Story and i talked about a few, like “Well, i only got one doughnut…” It could mean anything really. He also had one “What do you think, i live on main street?”

When i lived with Kevin, he wanted to come up with a  joke “A skeleton walked into a bar, ordered a beer and a mop”

I did have the moo jokes for a while


Over break, i had one for a while “What’s wrong with you?”

I liked it for a while, until one girl said “Let me know how many friends you make with that one?”

Still, Andrew liked it…


Apparently though, i do have a thing. At staff meetings i raise my arms out. I don’t know what i’m doing, why i do it, it just seems to happen at some random times… but i think i’m extending my arms out like i am giving a big group distance hug.


I don’t know, i still want a thing, a catchphrase… 

besides being the person who’s still on xanga, and still blogs though no one comments…


3 thoughts on “My catchphrase or my thing

  1. dude, i could’ve done a mookie impersonation when we lived together. now i’m out of practice. but rest assured you have your own set of peccadilloes and idiosyncrasies that make you uniquely mooshie.

  2. yes, keeping up a xanga blog with no comments is challenging. You have to have the belief there are people reading it, well the footprints tell you that, and enjoy it even though they don’t comment. Keep up the good work!

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