My vacation soundtrack

i know vacation was like 2-3 weeks ago… but it feels like i just finished… besides that’s how far behind on posts i am…


  1. green
    eyes ~ coldplay
  2. We’re
    not gonna take it ~ twisted sister
  3. Crest
    of waves ~ coldplay
  4. honestly
    ~ Cary Brothers
  5. the
    way i am ~ Ingrid Michalson
  6. love
    song ~ Sara Barieles
  7. jetsons
    theme song
  8. Soak
    up the Sun ~ Sheryl Crow
  9. sleep
    all day ~ Jason Mraz
  10. stars
    ~ David Crowder band
  11. Indescribable
    ~ Chris Tomlin
  12. No
    one like You ~ DC band
  13. Is
    it any wonder ~ Keane
  14. Hey
    Ya ~ JD Natasha
  15. landslide
    ~ Dixie chicks
  16. In
    the light ~ dc Talk
  17. Ride
    ~ Cary
  18. sleeping
    in ~ postal service
  19. Don’t
    stop believing ~ Journey
  20. put
    your records on ~ Corinne Bailey Rae
  21. Am i
    Missing ~ dashboard
  22. Isaiah
  23. Inside-out
    ~ Kristian Stanfill
  24. Good
    Riddence ~ Greenday
  25. How
    Great is our God ~ Chris Tomlin

2 thoughts on “My vacation soundtrack

  1. fun little post- although twisted sister and the jetsons theme song seems to be the answer to the “which one of these is not like the other one?” song! i can’t laugh though, i’ve got the theme song to the animaniacs on a playlist!

  2. So, if you were at our midyear conference, you would know their was an “Asian” praise song to the same music as Twisted Sister’s “We’re not gonna take it” IT was HILLARIOUS!Then there were a lot of bus rides, and for some reason when i would try to start a sing-along, i would start singing the jetsons theme song- awesome.

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