On giving each day to God

One thing i’ve been trying to do recently is something i picked up from a John Ortberg book.

Each morning when i wake up, i start my day with a prayer “Lord, this is Your day, i give it to You, and i will accept whatever You bring my way, i will rejoice in You.”

It’s a great prayer and keeps me focused.

And when things don’t go according to plan- which is every day, i sit back and say “God, i gave You this day, i take what comes with it, i trust You, this is what You had for me, i give You thanks”



2 thoughts on “On giving each day to God

  1. I remember during mens time a few years at WW05 Litman telling us that “being a man of God is an everyday choice,” not some vow you take and there it is for life. I’ve been pretty lame on that one lately.

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