On Easter

Happy Easter!

We climbed up a mountain and had a sunrise service this morning.

The message was about how Christ was burried.

i have to be honest, i never gave much thought to Jesus being burried. Sure, i’d say it. He was crucified, burried and rose again. But i just think about how He died for our sins and rose again.

But there is so much significance to his burial.

First, it was not normal for someone crucified on a cross to be burried. That was for honorable people, not someone hung on a cross. And who has the money for that?

But not only that, since He was burried, it’s even more improbable He could come out of it. If he wasn’t really dead, there’s no way He’s getting out now. But that is a moot point.

A buriel signifies something is over. There’s no coming back.
We even using this as a phrase “dead & buried” means no way it is ever going to happen, it’s completely over, no chance, no possibility. You’re done with it.You have a buriel to get closure.


This is what Jesus conquered, this is what He overcame! Jesus overcame the tomb! Nothing could hold Him down, not even a tomb!

The empty tomb is the symbol of the Christian.

On Good Friday we watched the Princess bride. i felt it was kinda like an easter movie.
After all the hero was thought dead, and came back to rescue his buttercup, then he was mostly dead and rescued her again.

But that’s the thing, he was thought dead once, but not really dead.
And then, he was mostly dead, but not fully dead.

Jesus wasn’t thought dead – He was burried.
He wasn’t mostly dead – He was gone and burried.

No one else can compare to Jesus. He’s the only hero to come back from the dead.
Praise Him!


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