On feeling sad

Have you ever wanted to feel sad?

i was telling a couple different friend that a couple months
ago that thought crossed my mind. I kinda wanted to feel sad. Not devastated or
depressed mind you, but just sad.

Julie thought it sounded peculiar, and Scotty said “i don’t
know what’s wrong with you guys!” (Referring to Billy & i).

Yes, i think it’s strange too, i did not hide that. I said
it was strange.
And when i was talking with God about it, i was very
careful. I didn’t pray to be sad. I did not want anything to happen to my
family or to become heart-broken soon. i just hadn’t felt sad in a while.

I was kinda cruising along in life. There was nothing
supergreat, nothing that really got me down. I had learned contentment and
trusting God for everything.

But the thing was, without feeling sad, life felt kinda

It’s like the goo goo dolls song “When everything feels like
the movies, you bleed just to know you’re alive.”

Is it bad to want to feel sad sometimes? I think by feeling
sad, i can feel great joy. I mean if i’m happy that i’m sad- what does that
mean? Sad means there is some sort of hope. I don’t know.

I mean people watch scary movies or ride roller coasters to
get a rush. I gotta think other people feel this too about being sad. I watch
American Dreams or Scrubs because they make me cry sometimes. And that’s why
people love movies like Garden

We were created with emotions, so i think to feel sad
sometimes is a good thing.


5 thoughts on “On feeling sad

  1. My friend Jen and I used to talk about that.. in sad painful moments of life it reminds you you are real and alive.. just like the goo goo dolls song.. it is almost like we want the fight the struggle. How ironic of an idea.. but I know what you are talking about.

  2. Sadness and fasting should go hand-in-hand because fasting is about mourning.  It is mourning over a situation we can’t change, its grieving over sin, etc.  So bro may your next 3 weeks be sad.

  3. I totally think that wanting to feel sad is legit. Maybe especially for people like myself who can too easily gloss over emotions. I have movies that help me connect with sadness in my life, to kind of slow me down and let me feel what might be going on deep inside me. And I agree, fasting and sadness definitely can go hand in hand. So do have a sad day bro, and then enjoy the happiness even more.

  4. “Intoxicated with the madness, I’m in love with my sadness” -Smashing Pumpkins “Zero”.
    I get it.  For the longest time in my teens and early twenties, I felt very abnormal because I couldn’t cry anymore.  I think that I had just become emotionally cold.  That changed when I accepted Christ…I definitely have shed tears in recent years over a few things.  Seeking out sadness, however, can be addictive, as Billy Corgan recognizes above.  It pretty much eventually finds you regardless. 
    PS  Do you remember a mutual friend who once told me that she never got “down” emotionally.  I couldn’t relate to that at all.

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