My man-crush

Usually this term is reserved for guys and athletes they
love for their fantasy team. I surely have mine (Derek Jeter, Billy Wagner, Roy
Oswalt, Jake Peavy, Jonathan Broxton all come to mind).

But, the other day Mariel made a comment about me as i
talked about my friend Lance.

I met him last year, but we connected this last year in Thailand,
and though we only had a few interactions, we connected.
And he’s my fasting buddy. We skype every 10 days.
It’s weird because i barely know him, but i feel like he is
such a good friend.

I think a big part of it was just that we both pursued each
other during the conference and after.

I can’t think of any bigger reason for my friendships than
pursuit. Pursuit i put it, and how much they have pursued me.

I think of that when it comes to Ken, one of my best
friends, who i barely knew in the states, but we’ve become really good friends
the last 2 years while i have lived here.

Or Brent one of my best friends, who was on stint when i
staffed a summer project in Turkey.
But he pursued me, i pursued me, and he became one of my closest friends. And
then there’s Paul, one of my other best friends, despite that fact we haven’t
lived anywhere near each other for 8 years…

All that to say, i appreciate their friendships. It’s a guy


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