The greatest joy

In 1 week i will eat again
In 2 weeks i’ll be done with classes
In 18 days i’ll see some old friends
In 3 weeks i’ll be at pizza hut
In 4 weeks i’ll be having fun at a retreat
In one month i’ll be back in America!

Yes, these things bring me great joy and there is great anticipation, but the Apostle John reminded me what the greatest joy is in III John

“I have no greater joy than to hear my children are walking in the truth”

Earlier this month, i got a package from one of  my boys Ben. Yes, i was happy to drink an IBC rootbeer, which made it in the mail, and all the other goodies- but the best is hearing from him how he found and is involved in his church now that he has moved, and growing in his faith. YES!

i talked to another one of my boys Nate, who joined me to fast a day. We shared some laughs and reminisced, but greater was findng out in his move to Chicago, he sought out a Church that was making a diffeence in the community and choosed where he would live strongly influenced by the location of the Church. He is seeking fellowship there because he wants strong community and enjoys the Church because they preach the Gospel. YES!

Then there are a couple older guys who have faced difficulty, one battling cancer, and one losing a brother – but both trusting God in the midst of it. YES!

The other day i sat here as two guys came over. i could barely understand them, and one of my friends began sharing with them. It was a thing of beauty. i could never do this. And i had seen him share before, but it was different. He was confident and bold. He was gentle and compassionate. He had faith. YES!

These things bring great joy. These things sustain me. These things encourage me. Oh, to walk in the truth, and to grow in faith!


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