On distraction

The other day someone was telling me how he felt his life
was made up of ministry and distraction.
Now, i don’t go that far in my own experience, but it does
feel like often we fill our lives with distraction.

As i finish this fast, i can say if i can just get til Tuesday
i’ll be ok. And i try to fill up my schedule so i don’t think about things. I want
to distract myself.

We do this in life so much don’t we?

We distract ourselves with tv, movies, sports, games, entertainment
of all sorts. As well with food or the internet, youtube, facebook, sleep even.

I guess at the beginning of the fast i said i wouldn’t watch
tv alone. I’m glad i did, though it has been extremely difficult. I guess i
didn’t realize how much i relied on entertainment and laughter to relieve me. And
how much i would turn to that instead of real people or God.

We know we’re supposed to read the Bible or pray, and then we wind up doing something else instead. And then when we finally have time for God, what’s left to give?

Lord, focus me on You. Don’t let distractions drive me from Your presence.

Don’t let life become a distraction.


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