My favorite attributes of God

i love John Piper. i took a look at “Hunger for God” oh my – what a good introduction! i should have read it a long time ago, i think i need to read it every month! maybe every week. i nibble on these things that don’t matter, i feat on things that do not satisfy! O Lord, give me a hunger for You!

you can check it out here:

As to the actual post. i was thinking a while ago, there are certain attributes of God that i just always think about.

Here are my top ten

  1. good
  2. Sovereign
  3. gracious
  4. faithful
  5. loving
  6. kind
  7. near
  8. powerful & strong
  9. holy
  10. awesome, majestic & beautiful

i think it is so important we think of the character of God, remind ourselves of who HE is, and delight ourselves in Him!


Day 21: For the last 20 days maybe i should add something else – like reading. Read a book of the Bible every day? There are some small books…
YES – a book a day!


Day 22: 1. But, i don’t just want You to get me thru this day – i want to thrive this day, i want to enjoy You this day. I don’t want to just live this day to get thru it to get to the end. Yes, i am looking forward to the fast – but i want to enjoy You in this fast…


2. All these other things are idols – they are just things, just statues, worthless, made by a man. They have no life in it. They can’t speak, they can’t see, they can’t hear, they can’t help.
But we believe in a God who is real. And a God who is near. You see & hear – and speak & help. You can do something about these problems & mine. You can work in this world. And so when i pray – it has meaning and significance. Prayer affects much!…

But, this isn’t just a good idea. Not just something to make me feel better or feel good about myself. This prayer – is not just a drug or a relief-mechanism or a formula for success. It can seem that way. But it’s not. You are more than mere theory or psychology. You are real. Your Holy Spirit is real. And You work in my life and work in this world

I don’t just speak to a wall or whisper into the air, or write for prosterity. You are there. You are here.



Day 23: But You overcame the tomb! You overcame death. Even when all hope is gone. (See Easter post)


Day 24: It makes me think of Eph 6 Finally be strong in the Lord and in the strength of his might.

2. There is no excuse. You have given me strength. My lack of initiating or lack of reaching out in love is indicator of my weak faith. Yes, i can’t do it. I’m not meant to. You do it thru me, as i take a step of faith


3. Lord, it won’t be broth or juices – it will be You! You give me strength. You make me rise up like an eagle


Day 25: You satisfy. Not food. Not a girl. Not good ministry.

Lord, i seek satisfaction from You. Satisfy my soul!


Day 26:  i’ve been thinking from reading Joel yesterday and then some email – i need to have some focus, something i’m really praying about
(if you want to know, email me)


Day 27: i can’t wait to eat, but i imagine once i eat it won’t be that great once i start eating. I do thank You for food, it is a gift from You. Still, only You satisfy. O taste and see the Lord is good. Man does not live by bread alone, but every word which comes from God.


Day 28: Truly only You satisfy. And You’re what my soul needs. You are what my heart wants. Satisfy me. Fulfill me. Be Lord, be near….
i need to remember man does not live by bread alone. As hungry as i am, as much as desire for fun or for a wife exist or how justifiable my anger or sin may feel – i need to trust You and follow You. Hope in You. Obey You.


Day 29: The day of the Lord is coming. You are wrathful, and just and angry towards sin. Make no doubt about it – You are holy!
And You hate sin. And it- sin- will be punished. You don’t play around with it. You are not casual about it. You despise it.

Oh Lord! May i hate sin! Give me a hatred of it! Establish holiness in my heart! Make me holy like You are holy. May i desire holiness in my inward being. And hate sin so much i cannot stand it. May i delight in You & your goodness. And turn from sin. Reveal it. Convict me. May i no longer walk in it…


Day 30: Lord, i don’t want to be tired all the time. Give me energy. I want to be strong in You, not in food anyway.



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