On asking for help

Needing help is one thing, asking for help is a whole other animal.

i can admit i need help. We all need help. i can’t move the couch by myself. i need someone to help me. There are way too many things that need to get done around the house, and the more people helping, the quicker things will go.

i want help, i like recieving help. i admit i need help. But i don’t like asking for help.

There are a couple things with this
1. i want people to offer me help.
i want people to notice or sense i am struggling and come along side of me. This is my ideal- that i am known and understood.

2. i am too prideful to ask for help. Admitting need is one thing, admitting weakness entirely different. And when i am forced to ask for help, i have to show weakness.

Does anyone else feel what i’m feeling?

Maybe this is why it is hard for people to accept Christ.

And maybe this is why people don’t develop initmacy with other people. We’re too proud to ask others to help. Resentment builds… on both ends…

i think i need to learn to ask for help more often instead of assuming people will. And i need to ask for help more often to show i need people. i need to ask for help more as to let people into my life.

And i also want to offer help more. Instead of waiting for people to come to wits end.

And when i say help, it could be physical, it’s also emotional help, and relational help and spiritual help…


5 thoughts on “On asking for help

  1. we talked about trust as a staff team this morning in team prayer/bs and how connected trust is to the ability to be needy or vulnerable with others, and how not showing a weakness or neediness with others really undermines the trust and authenticity we want our team to be known for and the trust and intimacy Christ calls us to… good vulnerable discussion! and i agree- it is so hard to ask for help or to show weakness or need!

  2. I think you’re right on track.  We need to be needed and others need us to need them – it’s part of what helps us work together as a body – else we’d all try to be pridefully independent and that results in further separation from God.  Someone reminded me this morning of Deut 8 and God’s reasons for dealing with our pride, for humbling us (it’s humbling for me to need anything of anyone) – and that is so that He can provide what we need and we know that we didn’t do it ourselves
    Keep fighting the good fight Mookie.

  3. Man, pride sucks. True story, Mook, true story.I have felt all those things. I think it is one of the reasons my roomie and I keep TALKING a good game of accountability and have a hard time LIVING it. We end up saying things like, “I should have said something sooner” or “I wanted to say something, but didn’t”….stupid sin.

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