On recognition

I was challenged by the Lord on this the other day. What is
more important to you- that someone say you are a servant or that you are a
servant? Is it more important to be encouraging to be recognized as
encouraging. Would you rather be faithful or thought faithful?

Oh, it is so convicting. Do i do things just to be
recognized and appreciated?

Would i be willing to do the right thing even if no one
noticed or knew?

I want to be encouraging, even people don’t realize it or
say anything.
I want to be a servant even if it goes unnoticed.
I want to be loving and helpful, even if no one cares.

I think often it is the things we don’t notice or don’t
recognize that are the most important things that happen to us each day. Be it
a person asking a simple question like “how are you?” Or someone taking time to
walk with you when you’re going somewhere. Or responding to an email. Or
waiting 3 seconds for you to arrive. Or just saying hello when you walk in the

May we be _______, just for the sake of it!


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