On the joys of eating

Oh, i like to eat. Food is good. And yummy.

It’s been over a week now. i didn’t expect food to be that great. but i did enjoy it. and i do enjoy it now… maybe too much as i’ve been pretty sick the last 3 days…

And i guess the question becomes – is it worth it?

i’ve had a cheeseburger, a cinnamon roll, taco’s, peanut butter m&m’s, lentil soup, bruschetta, cheesecake…

mm so good!

Hey, i like food, i’m not going to deny it. But it is interesting how much food dominates our lives. i didn’t mind people talking about food during the fast, but what is interesting is how much we love talking about food, and how much we love food.

We look forward to food, we think about food, we talk about food, we get excited about food…

Though really it’s not just food, it’s tv programs, movies…

We can get super-excited about these things. We can talk about them all day. We think about it. And in some ways we can even be controlled by ’em.

Today i talked about holiness, and talked about Jerry Bridges philosophy using I Cor 6:12…
all things are permissable, not all things are beneficial, all things are permissable, but i will not be ruled by anything.

Yet, i believe we allow ourselves to be ruled by so many things.
This is why back in college i stopped watching friends and “must-see tv”
i had to watch it. i found benefit in the shows, but i was under its domain- not a good thing.

Shouldn’t our passion and our desire and our conversation be about Christ?

But we don’t think of Christ in the same way.
We don’t talk about Him the same way.
We don’t enjoy him the same way
And that’s sad.

Seriously, why is it so difficult for Christians to talk about Christ with each other.

i was in the middle east one summer and at an outreach a guy said “We love talking about Jesus”
He was talking to the students, but when i asked him about Jesus, he was caught completely off guard. We tend to talk about Jesus with non-Christians, but rarely with each other.

We talked about some of these things a few weeks ago here. i see nothing wrong with wanting to eat, i just believe we should want Christ more. i have no problem with enjoying a tv show or a certain dish or being with a friend- i just think we’re supposed to enjoy Christ more!

We’re commanded to delight in Him, and to rejoice in Him, and to hope in Him, and to long for His Word. And i think most fail at this and thus sin… but don’t want to recognize it as sin at all. We let it slide because we can’t control feelings… supposedly…  yet those are commands, so i guess we can…

Yeah, i eat food that sometimes makes me sick, because the joy that comes from eating seems so good.
i can endure some difficulty for the opportunity to enjoy Christ- who is so much better than food! i know it.


One thought on “On the joys of eating

  1. Well said. I have thought of this often when watching/thinking/talking/dreaming baseball. It is so GREAT…but do I look forward to time with Christ like I do time with the Cardinals? Ouch.
    I wonder if some of this is related to talking/thinking about God as more of a concept and facts to be known than as a person, someone dynamic and active. I get tired of a lot of things I think I have exhausted or “figured out”, but not those things that are always new. And shouldn’t it be that way with the only infinite being in the universe? There is always something new or more to know of Christ. And yet I fail to dig and search for those things. I get stuck in the rut of what I already “know”. Hmm…Praise him for his mercy, which is new every morning!

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