On prejudices

People always make a big deal about racial prejudices – one way or the other…
For example, one person will get upset because a terrorist in a movie/tv show is middle eastern, another will get upset because they won’t be…

It always comes up in Christian circles, usually as someone is appalled by it, or surprised by it, and claim to be better.

Racial and gender prejudices are made into a big deal, but i don’t find it all that surprising. And i also think there are many more prejudices out there that we completely ignore… let me give some examples…

1. age discrimination: People are often looked down on because of their youth. Obviously people did this to Timothy in the Bible, i think people still do. The attitude is: the person is too young, what can i learn from them? Or how can i relate to them.
Of course, a bigger problem can be when someone thinks someone too old. The attitude is: How can this person possible understand me or relate to me- they’re too old.
Of course in this case, it may not actually be the age, but the perceived age – such as if the person is married, how many kids they have, or how many gray hairs they have…

2. personal habit discrimination : Especially true for Christians. When i was in college, if i saw someone smoking, the assumption they are not a real Christian. i don’t know where this attitude came from, but i held onto it for a while. i may see smoking as disgusting, but does that give me the right to discriminate against smokers or to look down on them? Am i right to think they are bad people? Actually, smokers probably act as servants more than non-smokers…

3. cultural norms: It’s not wrong it’s just different. Though i do think some things are wrong, i think we often confuse what is wrong and what is different…

Sadly, i also feel we hold discriminations based on appearances. i’d hope after highschool or junior high people wouldn’t hold onto such petty things, but i see it all the time. We look at the outward, instead of at the heart

i want to treat every person as if they were Christ, but i know i don’t.


One thought on “On prejudices

  1. I am curious where you were going with that smokers maybe acting as servants more than non-smokers…interesting thought. At least it might be.
    This is a tough issue. When we really look at how we relate to others we have to admit all kinds of prejudice. “Crash” was great at examining that-mostly with race and class, but I think as Christians, or maybe just “enlightened” Americans, we can get this attitude that we are above that. I’ll admit, I’m a racist and sexist, etc…or at least still hold some prejudices based on stereotypes. Once we/I know someone it becomes easier to see past those things, but it often takes a conscious effort not to be sucked into the common stereotypes. How frustrating. May we learn to see and love others as Christ.

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