the one with My time in the desert, incredible desserts, incredible friends and incredible stuff

What a fun week

The highlights (you gotta read these things, you won’t believe it)

rolling down a sand dune hill with Ty, so much
fun… i still have sand everywhere! I’m just a big kid. I’m glad Ty did it too

eating the most incredible meal ever! at the
Shangri-La hotel. An all-you-can-eat buffet, 2 hours was not long enough! $27
may seem like a lot, but it’s nothing, especially when you consider a meal like
this in the states would run you $50-100! We had lobster or jumbo shrimp, not
sure but it was great. I had a lot of sushi- oh yeah wasabi! Mostly Salmon
sushi, as well as grilled salmon, and couple other fish things… shrimp… and
even tried octopus sushi… had this fanmous singaporian soup dish, and thai
noodle thing, garlic bread, incredible mash potatoes, buttered vegetables, leg
of lamb- the works! And oh the desserts! Tiramasu, the best brownie i’ve ever
had and something even better than that! Plus they had a chocolate fountain for
dipping strawberries or whatever i wanted… i have to find a way to go back!

While at the hotel, they were having a fashion
show. These tall girls would walk out, strike a pose, stay there for 4 minutes
then move on to another part of the restaurant. Ben M said we should do it. I said
“i’m game, i need the exercise after all this food i’ve been eating” Then he
said he’d do it if i shaved off my soul patch- i was liked “Whatever!” and got
up and started struttin around striking poses, doing the loop- the whole loop! I
got many stares, and then there were other Americans, and i got laughs. But the
wait staff LOVED ME!. People were snapping pictures. And then they asked all 3
of us to go out with a model. So we did- it was great! And some of John’s
friends were there at the other end of the restaurant, so it turned out even
more embarrassing. I mean, seriously, how many people get to do things like

International Day of Prayer. Seriously, i could
have gone 2 more hours! Those 4 hours flew by. It was fun praying and
worshipping and hearing things, praying for the world, esp Turkey a year after
things happened… so good!

I had a lot of great conversations with
individuals: Mitch, Ben M, John, Brad, Alecia, Ty…

Hitting golf balls at the driving range with Ben

Watching Mitch’s birthday video – it was even
better the 2nd time with him there! And hearing people like Shelley
and Jackie laughing at it…

When we got off the train in the big city we
headed straight to Micky D’s for breakfast… they had a girl walking around with
a microphone. Ben M said he’d give me 10 kuai if i got the microphone and sang
happy birthday, Alecia got him to up to 15- but those who know me, know i
really would have done it for nothing… i told them it was Ben B’s birthday(it’s
in a few weeks) and we went up to him and sang happy birthday to him, and all
got hats! If you watch the video you see me trying to sing into the microphone
because they wouldn’t let me actually hold it!

Reading thru the 2nd hald of I Samuel
during my times with Dad. David’s life is like a movie. Seriously. And really
it is like a trilogy or 4-part movie… some twists and turns… you got the
righteous young guy, the evil king, the loyal good friend in Jonathan, the
military crazies in Joab and Abner, the humorous tale of Saul relieving himself
and David could have killed him… yeah, it has it all!

ULTIMATE! Ok, so i was dying while we played,
but i love playing

Having a COLD Gatorade after playing ultimate Frisbee

Mexican Fiesta!

Posing for pictures all week! – at sand lake,
for and with a small kid who thought i looked cool, for a tour group, as i was
modeling… at McDonalds while we singing…

Getting a police officer (it was all Ben M on
this one) to teach us a song on the train

Laughing a LOT!

Being warm & wearing shorts!

Running up a sand dune and throwing the Frisbee around
in the sand

Riding on the back of the scooter with Ben and
having him take me close to the secret base we’re not supposed to know about,
and being a lil afraid of cars coming behind us

Those caramel bars that Alecia made- oh man!

Mark’s debrief talk about proper hope- hope in
the Lord alone!

Wrestling with Ben M

Going to the movie village was actually a good
amount of fun, i thought it would be lame, but we did some wacky things!

          Talking with the girls from my gang about out must-haves & can’t stands while on the train

–     Calazones

The staff kids beating me up for some reason

Getting a new backpack for $7

Watching stupid movies and making fun of it

Taking a couple good long dumps. I mean, it was

A nice comfortable bed


A couple double cheeseburgers and a vanilla

Having no real responsibility all week!


Yeah it was a great week… and now i got just one last week
left in country, it’s going to be crazy!


5 thoughts on “the one with My time in the desert, incredible desserts, incredible friends and incredible stuff

  1. Ok, I’m reading your list right now and I’m getting concerned because you haven’t mentioned pooping yet, and… oh wait… there it is! Congratulations! I’m glad things came out well.

  2. that does sound like a fun time… especially the singing at mcdonalds part. i have never seen arrested development, but another friend of mine was telling me about it and thought i would like it… i’ll have to check it out- particularly episodes with koreans! : )

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