The thing about retreats

We got back from our student retreat tonight.

i love retreats. They are so much fun, people grow during them, i tend to have good times with God, and people (Christians even) seem to be more willing to talk about God, which may be why i really like it.

i love the times of worship, i love staying up late, i love getting to know people – even being forced to get to know people, and finding – they’re pretty cool…

And the late night (or in the case over here the mid-afternoon chats, when they normally take a nap) conversations about girls – though none of the guys would admit to anything…

The retreat was really good. The only disappoitnment was no one stayed up late- what’s the deal? You know what i have to say to that? LAME!

i am 31 years old and still staying up 2 hours later than everyone else and waking up before everyone too.

My last retreat at michigan i was the last person up then too. And at 5 am, i was up with Mitch & Scotty… and instead of being the responsible staff person, i of course joined in the trouble and pounded on one of the girls cabins with them (yes, they were kinda the campus flirts – i mean Scotty too hotty and well mitch could have… and perhaps did- date anyone he could… i figured if i hung out with them, maybe something would rub off on me – i didn’t really think i just haven’t slept much in the last 2 weeks and am deliriously rambling right now).

but yeah, staff aren’t responsible usually i guess, so my behavior shouldn’t be too surprising, i mean during our mpd retreat with other staff, i and another staff guy threw rocks at a girls cabin, and in WildWood 05- well, it was always staff starting food fights, starting water fights, getting yelled at by neighbors, breaking gender & curfew rules, and throwing footballs into windows… ok maybe that was mostly me, but there was always at least one or two other staff with me when those things would happen.


anyway, i love retreats. And even if we were singing songs in a different language, it still felt powerful, and i felt joy in the Lord as i worshipped Him.

Our theme was faith, hope & love. And i feel like i experienced God during the 3 days, learned something- even as i was talking, and have application points.

And i did teach the kids the zip/bong superfluous game where you can’t show your teeth. If you never played – it is hillarious, maybe my new favorite game…

i haven’t heard of anyone breaking up with their boyfriend or girls friend- but that usually happens right? i actually hope one or two people will… Nor have i heard of any couples forming, though it was funny to hear girls make comments about couple they think are going to form (and the girls the last 3 years have their assumptions, and always seem to be wrong).

i know a lot of staff don’t like retreats, but i love them… but maybe i am just a big kid

i do miss steak n shake though…


3 thoughts on “The thing about retreats

  1. I like that you admitted to breaking gender and curfew rules. We all do it. I remember one time at Life Options, Jenny and I ended up on a hotel bed with 6 guys really late at night.

  2. Oh .. hahahaha.. I don’t know if your stories are funnier or the ones in my head.. a. policies I broke when i was in liverpool my first two years over here.. only to say “we have policies???” to mike sense on the phone when i went on a (completely platonic and ignorant) holiday to the lake district to a B & B with a guy on my team. (i have NO idea why it looked like a romantic getaway to everyone else.. pish posh) ha.
     A couple weeks ago i went on a 20s an d 30s weekend away with my church and EVERYONE went to bed at like 10:30 and as the room was slowly disappearing, it was finally me and two guys that work for the Christian Union (ifes) left and we looked at each other bewildered and said “where did everyone go..?!?!” then laughed realising we still pull the hours of students and no one else seemed to think this was normal..
    And that means i can completely relate to thinking everyone is a light weight who can’t stay up super late. I am 27.. I should not be outlasting students.. hahaha.. Pranks are a must and should be MODELED by staff..
    And lastly steak and shake was great last year with you and Ben. Let’s do it again sometime.

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