On the plane

Well, yesterday was the longest day of my life… though, nothing like 24… It didn’t even seem long… but it indeed was 37 hours… and well, the night before i left i didn’t sleep at all… i did lay down at 4:30 am, but then i realized i would be back in America by the end of the day… an hour later my alarm clock went off… and it was time to go…

It feels like yesterday morning i gave hugs to everyone… i guess it was… or maybe it was 2 days ago…

United airlines screwed me over again. The flight attendants were actually nice this time, but there was no inflight entertainment. Tell ya what- i think they should have provided some sort of entertainment, like karaoke or something, or maybe give us sleeping pills…
i was not looking forward to 13 hours by myself on a plane, but fortunately, i slept pretty much the entire flight. i guess staying up all night paid off

And so, i’m back in the states, i’ve started to process my year, but not so much. i had Gino’s East deep dish pizza as my first meal – amazing. A barq’s rootbeer or two… my mom made chicken parmesan tonight, though i did sleep thru lunch, but i had some incredible danishes for breakfast, and i drove out to borders and circuit city tonight… yeah, i guess i feel like i’m back in America, and i feel normal… we’ll see how everything goes from here…


One thought on “On the plane

  1. no inflight entertainment? Seriously? That’s awful. I feel like my last trip home was like that. We were in the bulk head so I could see business class with their movies working but nothing for us economy class losers. Glad you could sleep well though. And keep us updated on what you are enjoying in the states. It makes it more real for me that I’ll be there in a little over a week.

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