my inspirations to be a writer…

One of my favorite things to do back here in the states is to go to Barnes & Noble or Borders bookstore and just stay there for hours… It hasn’t actually happened yet because i am still quite jet-lagged and fall alseep every afternoon… actually, on Wednesday i did go to B&N and fell asleep for a good hour… but seriously i love those places and could stay there ALL day.
But sometimes i get hungry, often i get thirsty. i used to go in a buy a coffee drink b/c i felt guilty for reading their books, but i wised up…

Anyway, tonight i went in and looked at a couple books. i really want to get & read “eat, pray, love.” Not only have i heard good things about it, but it is a type of book normal people (non-Christians and the non-passionate Christians) could get into, and well, it seems interesting & fun. i feel like it may be a good read on a plane or a beach somewhere in the future…
i also keep on checking out Anne Lamont books to see if i may purchase on some day (not to be confused with Anne Rice, though i do want to look at her new series of books – me reading fiction?). And well, one of my friends raves about “Into the Wild”…
And so upon considering “Eat, pray, love” and “Into the Wild” along with Anne Lamont as well as reading “Thru painted deserts” last year, it has renewed my interest and desire to write a book.
Plus i picked up this Neil Clark Warren book and he had a section about dreams, and one of mine it to write a book.

But would anyone read a book i wrote?
Here are the titles i have come up with
1. One messed up missionary
2. Everything i needed to know, i could have learned in Sunday School
3. faith, hope, love
4. The Gospel: simple, yet complex
5. Jesus pooped: the humanity of Christ and how we relate
6. Women are confusing and men are easily confused: a guide to relationships from one who has failed so you don’t have to
7. The one Jesus loves
8. Devos from Deuteronomy
9. i am Jonah (and other stories)
10. life as worship
11. Dependence
12. What does walking with God mean anyway?
13. Community

i’ve thought about chronicling my life, but what interest is that? i do think one messed up M would be interesting and maybe encouraging to those who think they could never be used by God. i mean, i am no Jim Elliot.

but what if i chronicled my life today?

i didn’t do much today. i went to borders this evening. i walked in, and headed straight to the Christian section, like a man on a purpose. Really it was just late, and i wanted to make sure i got some reading in. i just returned from Asia and had wasted most of the day. i like to blame the jet-lag, but i’m not sure if that is the real reason. Sure it’s probably jet-lag why i slept from 3:30-5, but what about the rest of the day?
Anyway, we had a late lunch, and i drove out and got a wreck from potbelly’s before it closed and then raced over to borders.
i knew where the Christian section was, i had been here just two days earlier. i wanted one book, though i would pick up several. i only had an hour, mom & dad wanted me back by 10pm so we could talk some, and it was already past nine…
i walked thru the doors held open by a kind gentleman who wound up in the position i had often myself in- holding the door open for minutes while people walked in and out – and veered to the left without hesitation. i was going to gran Max Lucado’s new book, but swooped up “eat, pray, love” which was beaming on display right next to the section i walked into.
Lucado’s book was nowhere to be found, though i did search, it was there two days ago i reasoned to myself. Where could it have gone to?
Finally i settled on my books and went on the search for a comfy chair. i got to the end of the aisl, and looked to the right “Aha!” i almost said out loud, as i saw the treasure of black chairs at the end of the room.
i sat myself down at a corner seat, dropped my computer bag next to me ever so slightly, laid the books in my lap, and grabbed the top one to read…

As i recounted my day, to try think of some tidbit to share as good advice or an interesting story, i could think of none. Surely something good has happened today, i know there is much to be thankful for. But what would my life be as a sitcom? how could i make a book about my every day life?

Truth be told i wasted most of my day, with the only bit of interaction being me getting upset with my mom for saying we had wasted so much time today. i love my mom. But even as mother’s day approaches, i find myself a bit annoyed by her as she acts like a mother towards me.
Interesting how the ones we love so much, and the ones who care about us so much also turn out to be the ones who annoy us. Is this the lesson? i don’t know.
The only other thing i did today was make list after list. Sometimes it was the same list over and over again. The others were lists i have made before, even just a day before.
i apparently am a bit of an obsessive compulsive. i can’t help it.
And once i start making my list, i must finish! i make my list, then i rank and rerank and then rewrite the list. It’s mostly just stupid stuff, like best players in the league (baseball, basketball – both of them today) or favorite foods or most commonly to do lists.
Seriously, if i just did the stuff on my to do lists instead of writing to do lists, i wouldn’t have anything to put on a to do list anyway… but i have to make them and remake them, or i’m afraid i”ll forget something, and i can’t concentrate to start anyway… oh me…

Was that interesting at all? did anyone keep reading? Seriously i feel like Andy Kaufman when he read a book for 6 hours at one of his comedy performances… please don’t stop coming to my blog site… and please buy my books when i finally write them… i promise to get an editor…


4 thoughts on “my inspirations to be a writer…

  1. i have seen that “eat, pray, love” book so many times and have picked it up almost as many times as i have seen it… but i haven’t quite made it mine yet. i am such a sucker for anything in the memoir genre!i vote your book title should be #5… i would definitely pick up and buy and read a book with that title!another fun thing to do at B & N when you’re with others is to go to the children’s section and pick a book and take turns reading your books. ok, that maybe sounds lame, but its fun!

  2. For what it’s worth, I always look forward to reading your blogs. You’re a gifted writer, and if you wrote a book, I’d want to read it. Heck, I’d love to have lunch with you, too bad you had to leave Michigan…I’ll keep you in my prayers.-Richard. šŸ™‚

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