The thing about passion

I love seeing passion. I just spent time with a guy i consider one
of the most passionate for God people i have ever met – Eric Johnson.

I really enjoy spending time with him, as well as others
like him- with whom it is so easy to talk about the Lord. I like being around
people who are passionate for God. People who enjoy God. People who get excited
about Christ and God’s Word.

I need these type of people in my life.

See, passion is one of those things that can be further
flamed or extinguished. Being around other passionate people, make the flames
grow higher. But many people can squelch the passion of others by bad attitudes
or accusations or negativity.

I was reading I Samuel about the life of David. It was right
around the time we were having a killing the giants week. We normally think of
David facing a giant in Goliath. We use that story to show how we can trust God
with the giants in our lives. We can face fears because of God.

But, it doesn’t seem like David was afraid at all. Other
people were afraid, but not David.

There are tons of stories in the Bible how people of God
were scared and needed faith & God to face their fears.
This is not one of them.
Fear didn’t strike David’s heart at all.

What i now see in this story is a man of passion and a man
of faith- who saw an opportunity to glorify God and glory in God.
He loved God, He trusted God – that was all.
This was not an opportunity to step out in faith, but was a
natural expression of faith he already had.

 The interesting thing in the story though is how others
His brothers accused him.
Saul and others questioned him, and weren’t sure about what
he wanted to do.
IT seems when people of God have passion for the Lord and
follow Him- they will face opposition- but not from the enemy- from within.
I have heard some Christians question other believers as
being too spiritual. As being overzealous.

Passionate people will be accused of only doing things or
saying things to be seen.
If a person talks about God a lot, puts scripture memory in
their profile, others will make fun of them.

Reality is, i can feel bad when i feel excited about Jesus.
So many other believers don’t seem to have this joy. And so, i am abnormal, and
i don’t want people to feel worse or bad about their faith, so i stifle my passion
and joy. I come up with something else to say.

I don’t talk about God, because others don’t want to hear
about it.
I feel guilty for feeling good sometimes.
If i have passion in my prayers, people might think i am
being showy.
I can’t share my faith too much, others will feel guilty.
And if i’d rather talk about the Lord, then it’s a stumbling
block for others who don’t.

Man, this isn’t the way it should be. But this is what

Honestly, i think anyone can have a passion for God.
I hear some people say they are not passionate about
anything. I can’t imagine that. It just seems like such a dull, bland, boring,
pointless life.

I feel like we all have passion about something
For many people if you want to see passion, talk about their
favorite tv show- then you’ll see it. Talk about their favorite thing to eat.
Talk about vacation.

What is passion?

It’s what motivates you, drives you.
It’s something you think about often
It’s something you talk about.

Passion exists in us, but i think it is often misplaced.

Passion for God is possible… desirable… and right.


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