the things i’m thankful for

It’s hard to believe i have been back for over 2 weeks now… it seems longer!
Maybe because life was so much easier in Asia than it is here… or i have eaten so much here…or spent 2 months worth of money in these 2 weeks… or that i sleep every afternoon and wake up twice a day… or just wore myself out last week…

Still, i’m thankful to be here, and thankful for my friends and family.

My last day in Asia, i shared with everyone the secret to my success – or something like that…

the lesson learned of – giving thanks… in all circumstances
See I Thesalonians 5:16-18

Rejoice always – not just sometimes, not just when you feel like it, not just during a party. Rejoice always.
– it’s not a feeling or a response, but a choice

In everything give thanks.
not just some of the time. Not when things go the way we thought, or the way we want, or how we planned- but in everything give thanks

Why? It’s God’s will.
We’re commanded to.
And when we give thanks, it gives honor to God and shows faith.
It shows we are trusting in God’s good, sovereign, wise plan.

And as a result, we’ll have more joy. And it will give us new perspective. It will focus us on God.

Giving thanks is commanded.
What is the opposite of giving thanks?
complaining? bitterness?
well, those are bad… but it starts when we don’t give thanks.
When we don’t give thanks- we’re sinning.
And after we don’t give thanks, we start to grumble… complain… be bitter… lack faith…

We need to give thanks. It honors God, shows faith, develops faith, produces joy & hope.

As a result, recently i decided i need to take time every day – or at least every week to remember God’s faithfulness and goodness to me.

i want to take 10 minutes a day or one hour a week to recall God’s faithfulness and thank Him.

And in the midst of every moment, i want to give thanks. Even if i have to go to the BMV 6 times to try to get a driver’s liscence…


One thought on “the things i’m thankful for

  1. you should definitely re-read them! but read at your own risk… because then when the movies come out you might be more disappointed having read the books than if you didn’t!it would be interesting to know what an atheist or a non-believer thinks about it… b/c what they showed a little but didn’t dig into very deeply is that trumpkin represents an atheistic or agnostic worldview and totally doesn’t believe in aslan and throughout the whole book is knocking him and laughing at the others’- especially lucy’s- faith in and dependence on aslan… and the scene in the book where he finally believes is much more powerful than the one in the movie. but if they stayed true to the book, the movie would have to be like 5 hours long…so did you check out joe purdy?

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