On my last day alive

  1. If you
    had one day to live, how would you live it?


I’d get all my friends together, stay up all night with
people all day

  1. play
    basketball with friends in the morning, mayb some ultimate too 9-11:30
  2. Go get
    waffles with strawberries for lunch – my treat 11:30-2
  3. hang
    out with a ton of people during lunch, having some in-depth conversation
    about God, and some silly stupid conversations
  4. take a
    nice long hot shower, take a dump, rest, prep 2-2:30
  5. read
    the Bible, journal, prep, rest 2:30-4
  6. say
    some goodbyes, tell specific people how much they mean to me, and some
    advice 4-5:30
  7. a nice
    big dinner with people – Gino’s East Pizza or bleu cheese burgers – my
    treat, similar convos, and encouragement in specific, lots of hugs
  8. a time
    of praise & Worship + lead a devo from the Word of God, communion 7:30-10  (led by marc Christie and/or Steph
    Warner and/or Mark Fertig and/or ross Martin and/or Eric Johnson)
  9. Give
    people encouragement in general and pray for people both in general and
    specific 10-11,
  10. watch
    something funny (maybe some of my favorite scrubs episodes, or Seinfeld or
    something), and eat some boneless buffalo wings and white castles and a
    lot of sweet stuff 11-1
  11. play
    the game and some other silly games, like the floor is lava 2-3
  12. some
    more time just hanging out talking about God, and giving encouragement 1-2,
  13. wait,
    singing songs to the Lord

i kinda feel like i lived out a lot of this on my last day in Asia… hm…

Really though, my last day alive could be any day, and i probably won’t know it’s coming… so i guess i should live every day like this- do i?
Does it match up with what i say is important to me?

i also started reading this book “For one more day” by Mitch Albom… man, so good. i’m just reading it in chunks at B&N or borders… maybe in the future it will get a whole blog for itself…


2 thoughts on “On my last day alive

  1. you would choose Gino’s East over Giordanos? {i just wanted to be the first to comment and leave a fairly controversial yet innocuous comment to boot} hope you’re having fun touring the states buddy.

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