the things that are important to me

i was watching stand-up comedy with Kevin last week, and i got to thinking- i could be a comedian.
Yesterday, i finally got to enjoy the wonders of Russel Peters – i must admit, it is so nice to actually be able to use youtube…
And then today i saw parts of “Last comic standing” Are those Christian guys really Christian? Or making fun of Christians?

anyway, laughter is important to me i guess. i like to laugh, i enjoy making others laugh – and hope to be that crazy guy. But more, i just like being around others who like to have fun.

A couple years ago when i was telling Beth S about some of the staff who were going to be at WildWood that summer, i described almost all of them in terms of how funny or fun they were. But it was a fun & funny group. She said being funny must be important to you.

i guess it is. But is it really the most important thing?

Julie told me my favorite subject is the movement

And some others may just say i talk a lot… or blog a lot…
While others may just say i don’t do a thing…

i’d say the most important things to me are
1. Christ
2. the glory of God in the nations
3. my friends
4. showing love
5. experiencing love
6. making a difference in the world for Christ
7. having fun/enjoying life
8. depth in friendships
9. laughter
10. sports
11. doing well in what i do
12. being liked

or in other terms…

  1. God,
    Jesus, my relationship with Him, His glory
  2. my
    friendships, loving people, building my friendships
  3. my
  4. God’s
    glory in the nations, campus ministry, movements
  5. being
    thought highly of
  6. laughter,
    having fun, being everyone’s friend
  7. how
    relationships work

What’s most important to you?


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