On why i like Lost (spolier warning)

Well, it’s Thursday, and no tv we must see… hm…

i did watch the Lost finale last week. We raced back from Cedar Point, and got in a minute before it started. Actually, it was just me who wanted to watch it, as my friend with me had never seen the show.

i had planned my cedar point trip that Thursday because i thought the finale was going to be a week earlier, stupid Grey’s Anatomy had a 2 hour finale instead. i didn’t know if we could make it back in time which gave me a great idea:

There are sports bars, but no tv bars. Wouldn’t that be cool. A restaurant/bar that showed tv shows. In Thailand just about every local restaurant advertises movies they will be showing while people eat or drink. But they don’t have that in the states. Sporting events draw crowds at BW3’s or bars. Couldn’t they do the same for a tv show?
People love going to movies because they are part of a crowd, i think someone should capatalize on the tv thing.

Tv shows are so much more fun to watch with a group of people. i developed most of my friendships in college by watching the simpsons together, friends and seinfeld too. We worked our dinner schedule around the tv schedule. i thought tv evil at some points, but later realized tv was a great bonding thing.
Steve Dueck credits Seinfeld for bringing he & his brothers together
And for this reason, 2 years ago, i suggested our team start watching Lost together- and it is so much more fun watching it with people- hearing the girls scream, or gasp- makes it so much more interesting.

During season 1 of 24, my roommates all got into the show. Jeff Talarek screamed at the screen constantly, Trepod & sprecher of course went crazy too. The next year i moved out and tried watching the show- and it was just boring watching by myself.

Still, Lost is so much better than 24. Both create suspense and leave you wanting to watch the next episode and both have good acting.
Here’s the thing, even though Lost is very mystical and science-fiction- it still seems more plausible than what i see on 24. Crazy? maybe.

i also really like Lost because there are so many theories and so many clues in the show. 24 you don’t know what will happen and it is not really predicatble, just guessing. Apparently the writers don’t even know what will happen the next episode.
But Lost has an outline, they have a plan, and everything within the show is very intentional. Everything you see & hear means something. They foreshadow so much. i love it.
(i especially love when someone figures something out in an episode 20-30 minutes after i have).

This would further make the tv bar a great idea. You could have trivia set-up before hand. You could have a “pre-game show” before where people make predictions, and even have contests to see who could guess right- like : Who will be in the coffin?
And afterward everyone could discuss their theories together.

i didn’t think the last episode was that great. But did you catch the Octagon Global Recruiting Commercial?
i went to the website, but actually, after reading the terms of conditions i got a little scared and didn’t sign up. Isn’t that stupid of me, but they made it sound so creepy.

About 15 minutes into the episode it became obvious Locke was in the casket, but they kept on drawing it out.

i’m going to assume a couple things
1. Christian Shepard has been on the island before
2. Charles Whidmore has been to the island before
1. Is Ben really a good guy?
2. Where was Charlotte born?
3. Did Jack hit that putt to win that bet with Sawyer?
4. Who is Richard Alpert?
5. Who does Juliet look like (that is both appealing to Ben & Jack)?
6. Is it Scott or Steve who is still alive, and what happened to him now?
7. Why are so many of the characters named after actual philosophers, and what does that have to do with the show?
8. How does Libby play into all of this?

1. It’s all about reincarnation (dhama)
2. The previous leader of the others died the same day that Locke & Ben are born. Both of the two were born to someone named Emily, both in similar parts of the country. And the test Richard gave Locke was the same test they use to find the new Dali Lama

we only have lostpedia now…


2 thoughts on “On why i like Lost (spolier warning)

  1. Scott/Steve!!!! I miss those jokes.Watching tv shows in groups is so much fun. We used to have Alias parties and watch it together… and maybe we also dressed up in costume. And I remember one time at regional conference there were about 15 girls crammed into one of the few rooms with a tv watching Alias. One of my favorite conference experiences ever.

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