my observation on people interaction

i have been back for over a month. It has been fun to see a lot of old friends. Seen some staff friends and some good friends from Purdue, and a couple students from michigan.
i loved it, even if it did overwhelm at points.
i had a lot of good deep conversations, and a lot of laughs.

it seemed like whenever my time with people was short, the time flew by. When i was especially limited, we talked about everything. When i had longer time with people, we ran out of things to talk about more quickly. The best was just when there was no time limit long or short.

Overall, almost no time at all catching up with people. We just jumped right back into things. i guess people get my updates and read my blogs.
Kinda weird, but really kinda good. We just went back to conversations like being friends. Not just updating each other.
And often i didn’t even finish conversations with people because we kept jumping from conversation to conversation.

Here’s the big thing i noticed in conversations: Many were substantial conversations with depth, but were they really deep & edifying?

what i noticed as i looked back at conversations: people like sharing their opinions.
And all opinions are extreme.

i don’t know if people are sharing their opinions to make sure i’m doing it that way since they support me or to tell me how i should be doing ministry or just wanting to share it?

It’s so interesting to me, but everyone has their opinions, and they want to make it known. Like i said, not much catching up, not much personal either.
And when the conversation got spiritual- it was more about ministry methods than about God Himself.
There were those who talked about the importance of being relevant, and those who talked about how church spend too much time trying to be relevant. Those who talked up Obama, and those who put him down.
i head it about everything from both sides.
Or it was about what was a good book or not.

But talking about our walk with God- very difficult. Talking about Christ- rare. Talking about an opinion on spiritual matter- talk forever.


3 thoughts on “my observation on people interaction

  1. I agree too. Especially regarding the last part. So much so, that I want to share this with our summer project students this week. Thanks for the thoughts. I still enjoy reading your blog, Mookie!

  2. hey!!
    i’m using the internet for the first time in uganda.  yea, i agree.  i guess we should just try to stick to the heart of matters.  hopefully this will happen in the future.
    it was encouraging to read this.  i hope time at home is going well!!!  pray for us.

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