On buzz books

Every year there seem to be 1 or 2 buzz books amongst the Christian
world. Everyone reads it. And they begin to base all their opinions on the
book. And then others refuse to read it, or just assume it’s bad- just because
it is popular.

Here, let me name a few of the past years
The first was: i kissed dating goodbye by Joshua Harris 1998
In 2001 it was the prayer of JAbez
2002 wild at heart
2003 the Purpose driven life
2004 blue like jazz
2005 Searching for God knows what
2006 velvet elvis
2007 ? maybe sex God
This year i think it will be Unchristian

Henry Cloud’s book on dating has to be in there too… and
Desiring God by Piper probably should enter in, as well as the life you’ve
always wanted by John Ortberg.
Ragamuffin Gospel by Brennan Manning perhaps in 98 as well… maybe something like every man’s battle, redeeming love, etc

Most of these books have some good things in them, but
they’re not applied right. Others, well were bad, but popular.
Some entertaining, but not really a book to base life on. 

The thing is, the books people really need to read and learn
from- they will never read, or at least never read with an open heart.

The person who needs to read Unchristian won’t read it, and
continue to alienate people. While the person who needs to read a book like
What Jesus demands from the world will not pick that pick book up or consider
the Lordship of Christ. 

We tend to read books we already side with. And most
Christians tend to live in extremes and not learn from one another.

Even in the bad books, there may be some good in it. And
even good books, are not THE good book, so we must be careful.

We need to use the books available to us to help us grow in
our relationship with Christ, to live out the Gospel and to experience the
Gospel. Let’s not abuse or neglect. 

Book reviews coming…


3 thoughts on “On buzz books

  1. Here’s a request for a review of “The Shack”. I haven’t read it but I’m hearing more buzz about it, both good and bad.

  2. hahaha. Your list is pretty good, pretty accurate. Redeeming Love should be on there as well.I’d also like to add the Left Behind series in there. A few years ago, the Bible study I was leading was studying Revelation. We were using a Kay Arthur study for help, but there were a few girls who were obsessed with the LB books and would always pipe up with “Well, in Left Behind, _______ happened.” Ummm, great. But that’s not the Bible.

  3. i TOTALLY had this conversation with someone tonight.
    another book to add… “captivating.”  oooh- and all the beth moore books. and the kay arthur international inductive study bible. [bible’s are obviously good. i just think it’s funny that almost every girl i knew from like… 99-02 has one. it was one of those things that got passed down from discipler to disciplee like mad.
    i wonder why books about deeper truths [and not just emotions] don’t make the list, really. it’s mostly feel good books. notice that?  ahhh well. our emotional little “make me feel good about myself” culture.

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