My dad, the hero

Happy Father’s day.
i didn’t get my dad a card, it’d probably make him angry that i spent money that way. You know the Seinfeld where Jerry buys his dad an organizer and then tells him he bought it hot off the street because his dad would actually like it then- that’s like my dad.
On Friday we were serving a father’s day meal and there was a paper placemat that said “Happy Birthday” on it. i thought it would be a good father’s day card- my dad would love it – simply because it cost nothing.

i’ll give him a call though, and write this little blog.

My dad is a hero. i realized this recently. My dad is living out the dream of many a third-world  person. He left India to get his Ph.D in America. As i live overseas i meet people who work so hard to achieve such a thing, and fail. More so, as i live overseas, i have even greater appreciation for my family for living cross-culturally so long.

Growing up i would think of how hard it was for me to have parents who weren’t American. But the difficulty wasn’t mine, it was my parents. They are the ones who left their country and lived in a foreign land. They are the ones who had to make all the adjustments.

My dad is a hero because he took his family from India to America

Or so some would think.

My dad is also the provider. Unlike so many of my friends, my dad has always been there. Sure, he wasn’t perfect, but my dad never left my mom. He didn’t always treat my mom the best, but he never treated her in a horrible way either. My dad provided for our family and took care of us.
When i was younger (and even now) i would point out how cheap my dad was. It is a defining characteristic of who he is. But we never felt in need and never felt poor. We had a cheap lil car, and a black & white tv, and couches years old. Compared to others, it may appear we lived a horrible lifestyle. But, we didn’t need those things. The stuff other people may have bought were just unnecessary extras.
This is what my dad taught me. i don’t need to be superfluous in my purchases.

Sure, as a kid i was upset i didn’t get as much stuff as others. Even now when i say we didn’t have nintendo or things like that, people look at me strange. But my dad did pay for my schooling, and he taught me how to use money.

My dad took care of his family- this also makes him a hero to many.

My dad is an elder in our church. We have no pastor, so he is one of the key leaders, often giving the sermon on Sundays.
It was my parents who took me to church every Sunday, morning and evening. and one evening when i was five, i heard how we all have done bad things, and we all need a Savior. And Jesus can bring us to God. that night when i went to bed, i talked to my dad about what i heard, and he helped me invite Jesus into my life.
He may not have given the message, but my dad had a significant role in leading me to Christ.

My father didn’t make us have morning devotionals like a number of families did, and there was no formal discipleship, but my dad did help me become a disciple of Christ.
When i received Christ, i prayed the same prayer every day, until i told my dad it was hard, and he told me i only needed to pray once, and Christ was there to stay.
As i mentioned above, he taught me to be a good steward of money. And my parents support so many missionaries, and had so many missionaries over for dinner, i learned a lot about missions- even if i first rejected the idea.

My mom is the grace in the family. She takes care of me. She looks out for me. My dad- he made me do things. If i wanted baseball cards, i had to get a job. If i wanted a car, i needed a better job. My dad was the one who would challenge me.
i have traits of both my mom and my dad. They are both heroes.
They love me deeply. They support me. They pray for me. They take care of me.

i thank God for my mom & dad. i love my mom & dad. And for so many reasons, my dad is a hero


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