The thing about the nba…

I’ve been watching the nba finals… i’m not sure why.  I hate the nba. And every time i watch the
nba, i hate it more.

The people on the court simply don’t know how to play
basketball. I found games at the co-rec more exciting to watch.

  1. Every
    play is an isolation play
  2. 40%
    shooting is considered good
  3. No one
    knows how to box out- i couldn’t believe how many offensive rebounds there
    were- and it wasn’t because that player made a good play. It’s because
    players don’t box out!
  4. people
    aren’t fouled, they draw the foul. They’re not even trying to shoot to
    make the basket, they do pump fakes to get someone to jump in the air,
    then they jump into them
  5. There
    is no defense
  6. There
    is much to be made of Kobe’s
    teammates not helping him, but he just took the ball every time down the
    court and missed shots
  7. i
    guess it doesn’t matter how people move with the ball anymore, because it
    looked like a travel or a carry every time down the court
  8. Last
    night there were a lot of missed free-throws
  9. how
    does a team blow a 24 point lead, a 19 point lead, a 12 point lead?

I am convinced Phil Jackson must be a bad coach.
And i’m still convinced the nba would be better if were
forced to spend a couple years in college

I’m angered that teams draft “talent” vs good players.
I’m angered that these professional athletes don’t know the
I’m angered by the lack of team play.

What happened to good basketball?

Regardless, we all know now the nba is fixed. They fix the
draft, the fix trades, they fix games- right ref? 

I find it interesting how much outcry there is against
steroids, but only some outcry about ref’s fixing games. Maybe because everyone

The media- espn, specifically- makes a player’s career. I
mean seriously, Kobe
was horrible the other night, but all the attention is on how bad his team
mates were. 

Espn says Dwyane Wade had the best finals performance, but
how couldn’t he? Every time he touched the ball against Dallas they got called for a foul. Wade
punched Dirk, then went in for a layup and they called Dirk for the foul and
gave him continuation.

Sacramento should have won a championship. And we all know
David Stern wanted Michael Jordan to win too.

 I hate the nba.

 The US
open actually has been exciting- golf exciting?


2 thoughts on “The thing about the nba…

  1. Wow…it’s clear you have no idea what you are talking about when it comes to basketball. And you clearly don’t see the defense the Kobe has been facing.

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