The abundant life

“I have come that they may have life, and may have it
abundantly” ~ Jesus.


Over the last couple years i have been thinking about this
verse. Maybe because i’ve seen people post it as their favorite quote on
facebook…. Or maybe because of life itself, mine or someone else’s… But i find
myself every so often contemplating this verse.


This verse is used in the 4 spiritual laws, but i didn’t
quite understand why, then switched over to the “KGP’s” (Knowing God
Personally) booklet because they used a different verse.


But isn’t this the Gospel? The abundant life.

The abundant life is the Gospel.

The Gospel is abundant life.


We don’t think it often because of a couple reasons

  1. We’re
    not experiencing abundant- full & meaningful- life.
  2. We
    don’t think we should experience a full, abundant life (thus we are not
    embracing the Gospel).
  3. We
    think of Gospel only as justification- when it is so much more than that.


What is abundant life? 
Because surely it is not having a lot of stuff. And it may not mean
perfect health. And we live in a fallen world still. What makes life abundant?


The abundant life, surely, has not been fully realized

In the future, there will be no sickness or death.

We trade our sorrows for the joy of the Lord.

(Quite frankly, i love that Darrel Evans song).

Our life, in Christ, should be a life of hope and a life of


Life to the fullest, this is ours in Christ!



One thought on “The abundant life

  1. maybe we resist the abundant life because we want to distance ourselves away from the “health, wealth, prosperity gospel”And while that is bad, we need to be careful we don’t become ascetics in the process.

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