The thing about being happy

Sometimes we don’t want to be the downer when everyone is excited and happy. But i think i might be even harder when we feel good and everyone else feels bad.

We have put such a high value on “being real”, that we have now become fake at being real. Being real carries the connotation of sharing something difficult in life. And when we say life is good or we’re happy, it’s like people don’t believe us.

feel the freedom to be happy

i have seen this quote up recently, and i like it

live well
love much
laugh often


One thought on “The thing about being happy

  1. it’s funny that i was arguing a very similar argument just recently with a small group of friends here in the lovely northern indiana {get. me. outta. here} except i was explaining that it’s ok to be sad/melancholy, there’s nothing inherently wrong with the emotion. especially if it’s a valid one.

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