the one with stuff christians like

i started reading the book unchristian, pretty interesting in how Christians look to an outside world…
i will give some thoughts soon…

Mostly i like writing stuff i observe, (like Jerry Jeinfeld perhaps? No. Different… though i do like Jerry Seinfeld observations, and seinfeld conversations)…

i’m not sure if people read this blog here, but if you do, you may also want to read the blog
stuff christians like

a very comical sight that is very true… and also with some very good insights.
Check it out.
i particularly like the blogs about exclamation points, worship pastors, the godly break-ups, breaking up after retreats…

We have been reading it very consistently… as well as spending a ton of time on youtube… you really need to watch Russel Peters – HILARIOUS!


5 thoughts on “the one with stuff christians like

  1. my friend introduced me to that site a while back and I LOVE IT!!! Some of my favorites are “Booty, God, booty” and the posts about praying in groups. Hilarious.Jesus riding on the dinosaur was pretty funny too.

  2. thanks for the book info (a few posts back)and blog link. I read a “Velvet Elvis”, but didn’t really get it. I’m starting a new book that you should put on your to-read list…The Reason for God…Faith in an Age of Skepticism by Tim Keller. Looks great so far (I thought I would tell you about it now when it might be easier for you to access than later. Of course the book could bomb as I read on, but I wasn’t sure if you could get your hands on it later.)

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