It’s been over a year… can i remember all the good quotes? not likely…

“Mook. smash.” – mookie (from Hulk)
“mook. hug.”  – Ken
“mook tired” – me
“You won’t like me when i’m hungry” – first the Hulk, then me

Dr to crowd: Unfortunately Caucasians run a high risk to these diseases…
me: “Woo-hoo” (head drops to embarassment)
Sung: “Mookie!(pause)” big smile and a high-five action

Soo: mookie you’re so courageous
me: but i didn’t do anything
Soo: Still you thought about it
me: That’s the exact opposite of courageous!

at a discussion table about singles and marrieds interacting
Katie: “We just assume you’re having sex all the time”
Scott: “Don’t worry, if we’re having sex we won’t answer the phone”

In a discussion about guys & girls
mookie: being a good guy doesn’t mean anything… it only means one thing…(stop)
Katie: Mookie No!
crowd: What?
mookie (quietly) rejection

On the whiteboard
Looking for opportunities to serve?
Do you like to cook?
Call Ken for opportunities

Have you hugged a Canadian today?

“God, we thank you for Canada” – Ian
“boggy-boggy” – Ian
Somebody going to get hurt, real bad” – Russel Peters
“I’m fine!” – Ross from friends, duplicated by Ken
“It’s like the word… i can’t even say it… duty…. i laugh every time” – Christina
“Do you think we can get Steve Douglas to do a pyramid picture with us?” – Jerusha
“Vetzmama” – everyone at X-track
“Oh, i thought mookie was your real name”- too many people

“DUDE!” – Ken
“Well he is mookie, so he’s got lots of mookie” – ej
“hey mookie, hey mookie, hey mookie” – Fisher Johnson
“You don’t want to go out with her anyway, she drinks too much coffee” – mitch
“Tito Bebet” – Ben Mauch


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