On being relevant & Biblical

i felt like my first month as i was here there were constant complaint about how church was run. and the two arguments ran one of two directions
1. We need to be more relevant
2. We need to be more biblical

And the thing was- they were used as two opposites.
Mostly, it was people opposed to using technology or good jokes or movie references or business techniques in a church.
i don’t see those things as bad.
i like reading business books. and i think that church can learn from the marketing industry.

True, if we rely on those things rather than the Spirit, we will will run into problems.

But to not use them is really a bit prideful.

Churches need to convey the Gospel to an outside world. It also needs to communicate the importance of the Gospel to a world that is living in this world. The way we communicate and act in the church shouldn’t be different than how we communicate outside of it.

i love the class i took 5 years ago on Christ-centered preaching to a post-modern world.
We need to look at Scripture, interpret it. We need to identify the differences and similarities to that audience and the current audience and find the common fallen condition.
Then using the passage, show how the Gospel applies to their need.


One thought on “On being relevant & Biblical

  1. Completely with you on the business book stuff. The book that inspired me the most this year has without a doubt been ‘A New Brand World’ by Scott Bedbury. Those same principles of branding work with pretty much whatever you want to use them for.

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