My favorite X-track memories

favorite X-track memories ( in no particulary order)

mook-smash… mook-hungry… mook-tired… mook hug… (you
won’t like me when i’m hungry)


Making everyone eat a pepper at steak n shake

Bopping people with that foam baseball bat

Making everyone eat a bite of a pancake at the
bring your own left-overs at our place

Late night convos with Ken

Hugs from Ken

Trip to Miami
– seeing my fam

Conversations about guys & girls – 1st
at Chipotle, then our place

The telephones charades show put on by Chip

“Lord, we thank you for Canada” by Ian

Conversations with Wyatt during break

Conversations about sex  – initiated by Ian like every day in mixed groups often

The idea of preaching the Gospel to each other

Russell Peters: !xbile!.. you want to eat… buffet
is in the back… beat the kids…

Interrupting starfish

Shamu, shamu!

[       ]

Sitting on the stairs with Soo at the Shane
& shane concert- and having the opening act putting our names in the song

Going to Rollins College
and hanging out with some other staff folk

Pizza hut lunch buffet

Going to McDonalds during breaks, before class

Racing Katie at bowling- and losing… and she got
a strike!…and falling on the ground

Our team beating the other team at bowling –

Arrested Development

Hanging out with the guys in the house – lots of
good convos

Yelling out “Woo-hoo!”… then high-fiving Sung
after the doctor  said “Caucasians are at
higher risk for these illnesses”

The tornado

Reading the book “feel”

Dizzy bat

The one time we played basketball

Getting soaked at sea world. And posing for the
camera on the roller coasters

Afternoon naps

Shaving my head and leaving a lil patch

Wet wipes


One thought on “My favorite X-track memories

  1. i think my favorite of your favorite memories was the one with you and sung and the high-fiving and the whoo-hooing you did… but i mean, i’m sure you figured i’d like that one. 🙂
    great idea, mookie.  i might have to do this too about my summer!

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