the one with a Gospel-focused life

One of the interesting things in the book “Unchristian” was most people described Christians as people who do good things. i suppose it could also be said they don’t do bad things.

And while i guess that is good, no Christian would ever say that is the Christian message – in fact, that is the opposite. Christianity is not about good works, but faith in Christ.

i have made some mention of the Gospel already on this blog, let me do it again.
We need Gospel-focused lives.

As Brad H said many of us live as if we have graduated from the Gospel.
As Paul said “Having begun by the Spirit are you you now being perfected by the flesh?”

We need the Gospel. We need to preach it to ourselves, and we need to preach it to each other.
And we need to be on the look for it everyday.

The Gospel is transformed life.
The Gospel is sin being destroyed
The Gospel is salvation.
The Gospel is peace & hope & joy.

The Gospel should be the driving force in our life. The Gospel ought consume our thoughts and heart.
We preach the Gospel because the news is so good we want to share it.

The Gospel drives us to worship
The Gospel drives us to evangelism.
We do all things for the sake of the Gospel.

Not guilt, not obligation, the Gospel

And the problems we face should be addressed with the Gospel. Not a step-by step solution. Not an action point. Not simply an “I’ve been there too.” We need to identify real needs and address it with the Gospel – whether we are talking with believers or non-believers.

The Gospel is what we need


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