the one from the bird’s nest

I was there when Nick won the bronze.
i was there sitting… standing with kiwis cheering him on… and gave him five as he made his victory lap.
i saw the torch… and got a ton of pictures.
i was in the bird’s nest
i saw Bolt at a distance… and he was still huge.
i was there when the stadium went eerily quiet as the nation’s top hope hobbled off the field.

Yes, i was at the Beijing Olympics!

Some people said i was crazy. i thought they were crazy.
“Why would you want to go there then?” they would say.
Why wouldn’t you? i thought
So many people were saying that, i almost began to believe it myself…
but then, after my experience, i am SO GLAD i went.

i mean, how many people can say they were at the Olympics?

It was amazing.

And it wasn’t as crazy as people thought it would be. It was less hectic than usual even. The weather was nice, and it hardly cost me anything. The subways were free and easy to use, and the food was great.

but more so i had fun being with friends. i hung out with Craig a bunch, i got to see Tony a bit, went to a basketball game with Kristin & April… and even saw a friend compete.

Nick ran for New Zealand. He studied at U of M.
It was the last event of the night. the 1500.
Coming around the turn he was in 7th or so. And then he started sprinting those last 200 meters.
It was a mad dash. #1 &2 were pretty clear… who would get bronze?…. It was Nick! by .05 seconds!

We also had fun going to McDonalds and watching the China vs Germany game with the Chinese. April & i led them in a cheer. There had to be 200+ people crowded in this tiny room cheering loudly with every missed German shot that got louder when China rebounded and even louder when China made shot. There was even one guy with a huge flag waving it around! It was close down the stretch, so it was super exciting.

The Olympics rocked. Maybe i’ll go again in 2016 in Chicago…
One World, One Dream!



7 thoughts on “the one from the bird’s nest

  1. What an awesome experience!  I am really glad you went…and a little jealous.  Great pictures too.  It is kinda funny…I don’t know if it relates to the Olympics or what but one of my old Chinese friends that I hadn’t heard from in years e-mailed at random a couple weeks ago.  Anyway…glad to see you are doing well.

  2. what a great experience! several of my friends got to go and i have to admit to being a little jealous! and the boyfriend in a box thing was just too good not to make a big deal about! you need to have a couple friends make you a girlfriend in a box! maybe your new team could put a little something together for your next birthday!

  3. what great pictures!!! i thought of you so many times when i was watching the games the past week…thinking i wonder if mookie’s there? haha. i really wish i was there NOW!  well- have so much fun the next few weeks with getting to know the new gang!  i’ll be praying…

  4. I will go with you to the Chicago games…or the London games, whichever you want. I was wondering which events you were seeing and how long you were there. Very cool…I don’t understand why people wouldn’t want to be there. It was so fun to watch here and had to be quite the experience.
    So, now that you are done with all the Olympic madness maybe you can call me! Do it!

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