the one just because

i don’t really have anything to say, but i feel like i should write a blog…
i haven’t really been busy, i’ve just been wasting a lot of time… which then in turn makes me busy…

i hate moving.

i’m excited about this new year, but also feel a bit weird.

being in the states i missed home, but then i got back and moved- now i have new furniture and a new room and a new place… it doesn’t really feel like home either…

Internet problems and computer problems have been rampant

A lot of my friends have graduated… which is different…
and well, i spent 3 months in the states, and the 2 months before that i was fasting and not doing much else, and the 2 months before that i was in Thailand…

if you want my email updates let me know… i can give out more info there

i suppose it has been fun to see a lot of ole Purdue friends now on facebook- like over a hundred now! And those are some pretty cool people, let me tell ya!

i guess the big highlights so far
1. playing cornhole at our labor day picnic
2. listening to tim Keller’s talk on gospel-centered work
3. trying to get Doug to pick Felicia’s nose -and all that ensued after that
4. seeing people cry about friends who are gone (showing just how big of an impact they had).
5. seeing how much the friends have matured and become leaders!


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