my computer

Well, i was going to write more blogs, but then my computer went on the fritz again.
never fails really.
Right now all my computer seems to do is fail.
It won’t turn on most of the time. The battery is completely dead, and the plug won’t charge – this is my 2nd plug for this thing by the way.
My magic jack doesn’t work. No one else has problems with phones here. But my magic jack has only worked twice.
When i tried vonage last year, that didn’t work either. Even skype gave me problems. i’ve only had one year with a working phone.
So, i’m going to get a new computer. It will be a mac. i hated macs throughout college, but i can’t stand windows vista, and i’m tired of crappy computers.

My back is a bit better now- but it was so bad a few weeks ago i was popping 4 advil a time 3 times a day…

There is a pattern in my life – computer problems and back problems every two years.

i also seem to make lots of lists… those will come out soon…

God is good.


2 thoughts on “my computer

  1. What’s up with magic jack? We got one while in the states and couldn’t get it to work well. Haven’t tried it yet here. And Brad and Abby had theirs quit working too. Hmm, it seems more than just a limited problem. It is awful when you can’t phone home, or at least as easily as you should be able to.

  2. sorry about your computer- though i will say macs are amazing! you’ll be so glad to have one! i’ve had mine for 3 years and i’m just now having some issues- but mainly i need to just buy a new battery. and i’m pretty sure i watched all of fight club… i agree, there were some thought-provoking parts… though my main thought was “when is this going to end?” perhaps i’ll have to give it another try and actually watch for the deeper meanings and insights into the inner struggle of man. perhaps.

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