my birthday wish

it’s my birthday.
i usually hate my birthdays, but i hope this weekend will be different.
It has been a frustrating, difficult week.
but, God is so good to me.
Jesus loves me so much
and He is faithful.

i hope this year i will not focus on myself but be other-focused and Christ centered. i want to serve others where i can and bring focus and attention and glory to God!

so that is my birthday hope.
And my parents sent some money so i will actually buy a dryer- now that difficult part is finding one! Maybe next week.
And i am already pretty pumped about getting a new computer- hopefully i can get it here by next month.
esp considering it shut off me in the middle of writing thus- and thn 5 more times trying to restart…

if i could wish for anything…
1. a girl that i would be interested in would be interested in me too
2. find a dryer and get it here
3. a dog. yeah, i’m really thinking about getting a dog- as of two days ago… before i might mention it, but i was never serious, but now… i’m no cat lady, but i could be a dog guy
4. my amazon credit would work on itunes and i can get some new music
5. my missing cds mysteriously show up: i mean, where am i going to find Dakoda Motor Co: Into the Son, Plankeye: Commonwealth. i’m also missing Third day’s self-titled cd, and Nichole Nordeman’s Woven & Spun. Some of my favorite cds!
6. a ping-pong table- yeah, it’d be pretty awesome if i could get one during this weekend.
7. my phone to work – and to get calls from friends – and to talk to my parents- which i may try now


3 thoughts on “my birthday wish

  1. happy belated birthday – and, dogs are awesome if you get the right one!how about, you being interested in a girl that is interested in you – novel approach to an old problem?

  2. Happy belated birthdayAnyway, I meant to reply when I read this, but it was via the email newsletter and I was at work (Xanga is blocked). I at least have the Plankeye and Third Day CDs you are missing. I have a couple Dakoda Motor Co CDs as well, but I’m not sure if I have that one (and my CDs aren’t in any discernible order or even place – since I’ve not unpacked everything, and likely won’t).

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