the one with gifts

i usually say that i don’t do the gift thing. My love languages are certainly words and touch and time… i mean… all those things, but i don’t get much out of gifts.
i tend to give the gift of a meal together- which is time… that consists of words… and often includes a hug…

but recently i guess i’ve realized a gift becomes special when it is a gift that shows the person knows me.

My sister never would tell us what she wanted for Christmas or her birthday. i hated it. Just tell me what you want. but she wanted us to know her and surprise her. i understand now.

My parents sent me some money to buy a dryer- big blessing we actually found one- and it’s like a third of the price i thought it would be… it was a great gift even better now.

Another blogger mentioned the idea of a girlfiriend in a box… it reminded me of some of the best gifts i ever got

10. my sister got me oakly sunglasses – these were a great gift b/c it was something i really wanted, but would never buy for myself
9. last year Ben P sent me an IBC in the mail
8. Scotty got me a big military jacket and hat my first year here… and i think someone actually got me a mao jacket before i left
7. a 2 year subscription to Y-music from my parents when i first got here – i love music, it was great
6. a dryer this year
5. a book of pictures of friends from Daniella on my 30th birthday… and pics from CSU from Ben of some of my favorite people
4. a shirt that said mooks on it… a hat that said mookie’s dairy on it… a moose, named mookie… 3 different gifts at 3 different times, none on a birthday or holiday…
3. for my 30th birthday the Fertigs gave me a list of 30 names of single girls… yeah nothing worked out, still quite comical.
2. a dog – by the time i got the dog i was pretty much resolved i’d never get one- but i loved that dog
1. my brother got me the cd “girlfriend” by Matthew Sweet – comical, creative, and actually a good cd


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