the one with the pandas

Last week i went out and saw the pandas again.

All pandas do is sit around and eat – what a life!

Before we went we decided it would be fun if we could dress up like pandas and walk around the park. Well, we couldn’t find costumes, but the day before we found these hats that are a panda head- so, Mark, Soo & i bought one and wore it in the park – it did get a few laughs, but not quite the scene a whole costume probably could have created.

i did take a ton of pictures of the pandas eating, even though it’s not all the exciting.

The most fun part about the place was the museum that explains all about the breeding process – fresh with pictures of pandas humping each other. The best part was the little video game where you have to choose a male panda and female panda (cartoon characters) and see if you can produce a child. After you select your pandas it shows them going into a room and shadow images of what they’re doing.
Our first two attempst failed, producing disabled pandas. but the third time the pandas kissed and produced 3 healthy babies.
The funny part -the other two times when the pandas went into the bedroom, all you saw were arms flailing. We thought this was the pandas getting it on and we laughed hysterically – but i guess it was the pandas fighting…

For $50 you can pet a panda there… before you could hold one, but i guess not anymore. We asked how much it would cost to ride one or eat one – and they said we don’t have enough money…


Last year, we found out in Cambodia, you can shoot a cow with a rocket launcher for a couple thousand dollars. Mitch tried to get us all in on it, but it was just too stinkin expensive… it would have been cool though!


tonight we oredered rabbit. not very good, i’ll stick with the chicken.


3 thoughts on “the one with the pandas

  1. hopefully i can give you a hug for christmas… that’s assuming my work permit and visa all get cleared before then. who knew this would take this long… i was thinking i’d be there by now at the latest. now it’s looking like the end of october would be optimistic. oh well.

  2. I know you were joking, but eating a panda? Well, I suppose if you have the money. Still makes me want to cry for some reason. I’m jealous though, I’ve never seen the pandas before. But I should tell Scott’s sister, she is scheduling her whole trip around holding a panda. Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

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